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Air Optix Color Studio Color Optix Lenses

Have you always wanted to have a different eye color? Do you want to have the ability to change your eye color depending on your mood or style? Enhance your appearance with Air Optix Colors by Alcon! These vibrant, breathable lenses are the epitome of style and comfort!

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• Blue or Brilliant Blue

• Gray

• Sterling Gray

• Gemstone Green or Green

• Pure Hazel

• Honey

• Brown

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Air Optix Colors are monthly disposable contacts. They provide users with the opportunity to comfortably change their

eye color.


They are designed to alter your eye color in

a natural-looking way.

How do Air Optix Colors work?

Did you know that you can wear Air Optix Colors even if you have perfect vision? They are available in 9 stunning colors and are ideal for light or dark eyes.

Anyone can wear Air Optix Colors

What color are your eyes this week?